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Autumn Update

Hello, Everyone! I have been enjoying a series of busy and productive days and I am amazed to find myself coherent enough to spend time writing between other tasks, often into the evenings. Maybe mental clarity is normal for you and you are thinking, “Yeah, so?” but for me, it is unheard of. I will take advantage of this momentary cognizance and fill you in on why you haven’t heard… Read Article →

Best Beauty Products for Safer Skin Care

Guest post by Erin Odoyo Greetings, lovely readers!  I’m Erin, of Erin’s Counter Mission and I’m so excited Theresa has invited me to guest post to share with all of you about my passion project.  Let’s get right into it… Do you know what was happening in the United States in 1938?  No?  Well let’s see,  Franklin D. Roosevelt was the President, the very first Superman comic was published,  ball… Read Article →

Dear Tylenol, I’m back but I’m not sticking around.

  Dear Tylenol, I’m back but I’m not sticking around. This will just be a short visit, I’m sure, and then I’ll be on my way. By the way, I never thanked you for the last time you helped me out. I really appreciate you letting me stay for those couple of weeks when Osteoarthritis was giving me a hard time. I don’t know what I would have done without… Read Article →

Best Way to Go Shampoo Free

Have you ever tried to go shampoo free? I tried once a few years ago and it didn’t go well but this time it went much better! I think I found the best way to go shampoo free! When I wrote an article recently about the dangers of automatic air fresheners, I found out that just one fragrance can be made up of over one hundred chemicals and that many… Read Article →

Walking with Osteoarthritis – Using Nordic Poles

Exercise is the best non-drug treatment for osteoarthritis, as I shared in my article How to Exercise with Osteoarthritis. There are many beneficial forms of exercise for people with osteoarthritis, but walking is one of the most versatile because it can be worked into our daily routine, we can control how much or how little we do, it can be done indoors or out and it has many health benefits…. Read Article →

How to Exercise with Osteoarthritis

It doesn’t make much sense when your body is already stiff and/or sore, but exercise is the best non-medical treatment there is for osteoarthritis. Although I am fairly new to the world of degenerative joint disease, I am quickly learning what works and doesn’t work for my body and the more I listen to what my body needs, the better I feel. Maybe you feel like it’s enough of a… Read Article →