OXO Good Grips Sweep Set with Extendable Broom – Product Review

OXO Good Grips Sweep Set with Extendable Broom – Product Review

(Originally published on ChemFree Cleaning, LLC’s website).


OXO Good Grips Sweep Set with Extendable Broom

Item: OXO Good Grips Sweep Set with Extendable Broom

Price: Varies – About $30-35

Product Dimensions: 38.5 x 3.5 x 10.8 inches

Item weight: 2.2 pounds

Model number: 12125800

Satisfaction Guarantee: OXO return/replace

Product Overview

The OXO Good Grips Sweep Set is a compact, extendable broom that attaches to the handle of the dustpan. The broom handle easily extends and retracts with a quick twist, which allows it to be either a full-sized broom for sweeping a broad surface or a short-handled lobby broom for quickly cleaning a smaller area. The aluminum pole is lightweight, easy to grip, and easy to maneuver. The bristles are soft and effectively grab dirt and dust. The extra-large dustpan features a rubber lip that prevents dirt and grime from being swept underneath it, and it locks open for easy emptying.  The combo stores easily in a freestanding position with the dustpan open or closed, or it has an opening on the handle, which allows it to hang.


My thoughts about the product

The OXO Good Grips Sweep Set is the best broom and dustpan combo that I have ever used, and as a commercial cleaning contractor, I have had the privilege of using a wide variety of styles. I have one in the upstairs of my home, and I like it so much that I often find it worth the trip up and down the stairs to carry it downstairs rather than using the set that I keep downstairs. With the slightest amount of pressure dustpan’s handle, all of the debris sweeps into the dustpan in a single motion. The built-in teeth remove hair and dust balls from the broom bristles. After two years of daily use, my broom bristles have not frayed.



  • The extendable handle works as a full-sized broom or as a lobby broom.
  • The bristles are flexible, which enables it to sweep dirt away from chair legs or out from the edges of appliances.
  • The compact bristles allow it to maneuver between chair and table legs.
  • The bristles are soft and easily capture hair and dustballs.
  • People with neck or shoulder issues will appreciate the lightweight.
  • The dustpan has a comb that effectively removes dust and hair from the broom bristles.
  • The rubber dustpan lip prevents dirt from sliding under the unit.
  • The dustpan is freestanding in the open or closed positions.
  • The broom handle locks into the dustpan handle for compact storage.
  • The handle of the unit has a sturdy opening for hanging purposes.
  • The broom locks onto the handle of the dustpan without tipping.
  • The dustpan is large-capacity, but its compact design enables dumping without spilling.
  • The broom catches all of the dirt the first time.


  • The Good Grips Sweep Set is more expensive than some other sets, but it’s better designed.
  • This combo unit is smaller than some others, but there are advantages to that.
  • There are some negative reviews on Amazon, but they do not match my experience.


Concluding thoughts:

The OXO Good Grips Sweep Set with Extendable Broom is without a doubt my number one recommendation for an indoor, multi-surface broom and dustpan combo. I have not used it on tile with grout, but I suspect that this is the perfect broom to remove the dirt particles that tend to be left behind by other brooms. Although there are some negative reviews on Amazon, the overall rating is excellent. OXO stands by their products and will replace the item or refund your money if you are not satisfied. The company thoroughly tests its products, they listen to their customers, and they make improvements when necessary.

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