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Base Camp Allergy Mask Review

I have had such amazing results with this mask that I feel compelled to share my experience with you in case you, too, are suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, and especially from chemicals that are hidden in fragrances. If you are not familiar with my story, you can read it here. The Base Camp Dust Breathing Mask represents my third attempt at using a mask to protect myself from chemicals… Read Article →

Automatic Air Fresheners at Home

Our home is our refuge–a place we should be able to kick back and relax and enjoy the company of our family, human or otherwise, and friends. We want our houses to smell good, especially on special occasions like holidays or when we are entertaining. Unfortunately, just about everything we do leaves an odor behind. We are surrounded by scents from cooking, dirty laundry, pets, diapers, stuffy air, and more…. Read Article →