Taza Wicked Dark Chocolate

I have already written a review about my love of Taza Chocolate but it’s posted on a different website and I cannot have a category on this website entitled “Things I Love” without at least mentioning Taza Wicked Dark Chocolate. After all, it is my absolute favorite food in the whole, wide world.

I love this stuff so much that I wait until they offer a 20% discount and then order enough to receive free shipping, which is super fast.

If I run out before the sale, I shop at Amazon. Although they have a limited selection of Taza products, they have the delicious 95% dark stone ground chocolate that I need in order to survive. This is not melt-in-your-mouth chocolate but its gritty texture and “real food” flavor make it very satisfying and even better, it has health benefits.

Are you ready for the list of ingredients? The 95% dark bar contains organic cacao beans and organic cane sugar. That’s all! Compare that to your average bar of chocolate and you will quickly see why this is a healthy addition to your diet.

If that’s not enough to make you salivate, here is something else you might want to know. Taza Wicked Dark Chocolate is dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

Convinced? Here’s where to find it on Amazon.

You can learn more directly from Taza’s website. If you are impatient like I am, you can sign up to be on their mailing list and you’ll receive a discount on your first order.

Just so you know, I am not in any way affiliated with Taza chocolate and I only promote them because I love them. As an affiliate with Amazon, I may earn a small commission for sales but that does not affect your price. By the way, Taza Wicked Dark is so good that I suggest you order the big pack and if you don’t like it, you can send it to me. Taza package

Happy munching! ~ Theresa


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